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Examples for customized network configurations
Several mobile Thermo-Analysis / VAC-TEST combined devices are connected to the users network. Besides the local storage, the measured data are additionally stored on a file-server to ensure data security.

On an office-PC, the test data can be evaluated and analysed with the software TA-Office. If the devices do not have a permanent network connection (due to their mobility), the data pool is synchronised each time a device is re-connected to the network.
Because the networking was already planned in advance and due to the fixed positions of the measuring devices, in this concept, stationary Thermo-Analysis-Satellites and DI-Tower could be used.

While the devices are measuring in the smeltery, evaluation and analysis primarily takes place in the office.
Miscellaneous mobile and stationary IDECO devices work together in a network.
The access to the users own master data (e.g. article- or model-numbers, clients names,
alloy descriptions, etc.) facilitates the identification input at each device and ensures a consistent data pool.
Because the Hydrogen-Analyser HM313 does not have a built-in documentation facility, the measuring result is transferred to the connected Thermo-Analysis equipment. The result is stored together with the corresponding Thermo-Analysis measurement.

The data then are transferred to a Master-PC in the office via a separately built network. Afterwards, the Master-PC exports the collected data to a file-server via the users existing own network, where they are further processed by a user's own system.
A custom made TEMP-CONTROL System records and documents the melt temperatures after the treatment at the MELT-CLEAN station. The temperatures, together with the current cast number, is displayed at the respective treatment station.
The Thermo-Analysis equipment is recording the grain refining and the modification, as well as the Density-Index from the connected VAC-TEST-Terminal.

Devices of other manufacturers provide results of Spectral-analysis, Tensile- and Hardness test.

Via the network, all measurements flow into a data pool on the Master-Station. Out of it, the user can generate inspection certificates for his castings quick and easy with the Software QS-Master.
A custom made control system registers the arrivals of transport-furnaces at the treatment stations.
After the cleaning of the melt, Thermo-Analysis, VAC-TEST and Spectral analysis measurements are carried out and documented. As soon as the result of each testing method is available, a comparison with given nominal values takes place. This comparison leads to a release or lock of the furnace (red/green light).

The data can be evaluated and analysed on several office workstations.
Additionally, an automatic export of the test results is transferred to a user's own CAQ-system.
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